The web entrepreneur shares his thoughts on how his new online portal, Mega, will be different from the old one.

This article titled “Kim Dotcom in his own words” was written by Toby Manhire, for on Friday 18th January 2013 20.00 UTC

Having seen his Megaupload file-storage site closed, the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been arrested and released, seen his Auckland mansion raided, and may yet face extradition to the US. But, defiant, as ever, he is back with a successor to Megaupload. Here he is in his own words.

On the raid, one year on

There isn't a day that you don't think about it. Because you walk around the house, and all of our funds were frozen so we weren't able to fix most of the damage, so I still see sledgehammer marks on all the doors, footprints on the walls, holes in the walls. Wherever they caused damage – that scarring is still there. That's one reminder. And of course the other one is whenever there's some kind of noise, or it's getting loud, you'll rush out of bed and subconsciously you are always worried – here they are again. It's something that stays with you for some time and I think it will still take some time to overcome that.

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