Kit Kat Creates WiFi-Free Zone To Force City Dwellers To Relax

Kit Kat Creates WiFi-Free Zone To Force City Dwellers To Relax

Chocolate brand uses ambient advertising in Amsterdam to promote taking a break from online connectivity.

Daniela Walker
  • 24 january 2013

Kit Kat, makers of the chocolate wafer bar, is well-known for its slogan, ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat.’ Now it is taking that message to the streets of Amsterdam and making it socially relevant for today’s ever-connected consumer.

In conjunction with advertising agency JWT Amsterdam, Kit Kat has created ‘Free No Wi-Fi Zones’ throughout the downtown area, setting up benches with WiFi jammers that block signals within a five meter radius. The ad says:

The world is becoming one big WiFi zone. There’s even WiFi on Everest. Result? People are always connected. Time for a break.



Kit Kat is providing busy city-dwellers with an escape from the constant connectivity that has become the norm. In the WiFi-free zone you can escape emails, tweets, likes, hashtags, instapics and endless updates. Instead, the company suggests you ‘enjoy a good old newspaper or a hardcover book…even a real conversation.’

While people tend to be on the lookout for WiFi hotspots, this outdoor advertising aims to get people to slow down and enjoy being disconnected…and perhaps a little bit of chocolate.

Kit Kat


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