Large HTC Smartphone Features Mini Phone For Calls And Texts

Large HTC Smartphone Features Mini Phone For Calls And Texts

The HTC Butterfly is so big that it comes with a smaller phone, which connects to it via near field communication.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 january 2013

The HTC Butterfly (Droid DNA) is so large that a smaller phone is being launched in China to take care of the basics and make it more convenient. The HTC Mini is an ‘accessory’ for the Butterfly and connects to it via near field communication (NFC).

It raises questions about the need for such large, display-centric smartphones if another phone is then required to quickly and easily make calls.


The small and lightweight device could be placed in your pocket while the Butterfly is in your purse or bag, allowing you to perform simple functions like making or receiving calls, reading messages, viewing calendar appointments, and looking at your call history.

Gizmag reports that the HTC Mini, which has a monochrome display, can also be used as a remote control for your TV if the Butterfly is tethered to it. Check out the HTC Mini in the video below, which is in Chinese but offers a good look at the device:


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