Learning By Doing – A Future Of Work Trend

Learning By Doing – A Future Of Work Trend

A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn.

Wesley Robison
  • 13 january 2013

The Future Of Work

In the evolving job marketplace, it is increasingly important to acquire a wide range of skills and to be able to effectively fill a variety of roles. To support this, 62% of managers cited ‘learning transferable skills’ in top three steps workers should take to prepare for the next 15 years. 57% of millennials agreed with their managers.

A project-based, hands-on approach to learning is emerging in the marketplace. This collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to education is a direct response to the theoretical education offered by most traditional universities. Physical and virtual spaces now exist within which workers with all types of expertise can meet, share knowledge and assist one another with executing on projects. In certain instances, businesses are emulating this model within the walls of their organizations and are moving towards mentor/mentee types of relationships in order to embed knowledge within their employee base.

As Aaron Dignan of Undercurrent says about this growing trend:

Look at Xbox or Hulu, or any other examples of innovation that flourished a little bit away from the mothership and there’s something about the neces- sity of limited scale and limited resources that results in thinking differ- ently. Younger talent that are trying to progress know that there is a new skill set required and that an MBA is not exactly the same thing it once was. Management capabilities versus the capability to take action and do things yourself, are very different skill sets.

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Learning By Doing trend:

Startup School Gives Mentorship & On The Job Training

enstitute class

Facebook App Connects Entrepreneurs With Startup Founders

startup lab class


Key points: 

  • Entrepreneurial learning experiences help employees learn transferable skills that can improve their growth potential throughout their tenure at a company.
  • A new opportunities to connect differing generations in productive mentorship initiatives could create unique outputs through collaborations.

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