Special Coating Makes Smart Phones And Gadgets Waterproof

Special Coating Makes Smart Phones And Gadgets Waterproof

The Liquipel water-resistant technology for electronics may soon be coming to retail store nationwide.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 14 january 2013

How many times have you been invited to, or started your own, Facebook group or online thread asking for phone numbers because your phone was dropped in a pool, drink, or even toilet? Don’t worry, it happens to us all the time too. Liquipel would like to put an end to these groups, and hopefully save you from having to replace your phone again and again.

Liquipel, an electronics coating company, has improved their water-resistant nanocoating and developed a way to make it more accessible to the public. Liquipel is a clear, waterproof coating that is applied to your phone and electronics devices to provide protection from water damage. It is promised not to ‘compromise the look, feel, and performance’ of your products, while providing superior protection than a regular phone case.



Currently, the only way to take advantage of Liquipel for protecting your electronic devices is to go online and send your device directly to the company (HQ’ed in California). The Liquipod, which is aiming to be in hundreds of U.S. retail stores by 2014, would make it as easy as going to your local mall.

The Liquipod is a roughly 4’ by 4’ machine that can apply Liquipel to electronic devices on a remote basis. Its compact size means that it could implemented in practically any type of retail outlet and would provide greater accessibility and convenience to consumers looking to have their devices protected while they wait.




Additionally, Liquipel has improved their water-resistant solution to perform ‘up to 100 times’ better, while preserving the device’s integrity and touch sensitivity. Liquipel 2.0 was demoed at CES recently, covered by PSFK, where an iPhone 5 was repeatedly submerged and maintained usability. The new coating should protect devices for up to 30 minutes while submerged in 1 meter of water.

Liquipel is even talking about handling all after-care of devices treated by the Liquipod with a very ‘complete’ warranty, replacing all treated devices ruined by liquid.

Currently, it costs between $60-90 to send your device to Liquipel headquarters and have it coated. The Liquipod is projected to be in the same ballpark price-range, but it will be undoubtedly more convenient as you can walk-in and walk-out the same day having your device protected. With the price of smart phones and electronic devices being such a large investment, this may be a small price to pay to avoid constant replacements.

Check out the video below of Liquipel 2.0 in action at CES:


Images by Liquipel, engadget, and techcrunch

Video by engadget


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