Interactive Site Gets Inside America’s Factories

Interactive Site Gets Inside America’s Factories

Maker's Rox works to peal away the mystery surrounding manufacturing and highlight the workers who make the products.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 january 2013

Maker’s Row is a website that lets anyone see inside American factories and how they operate; the site offers in-depth profiles of various workspaces and videos of the workers themselves.

Maker’s Row is helpful for anyone who wants to make something and needs to move from the design phase to the manufacturing process, as the site guides visitors through factories based on what stage their idea is at. Anyone who owns a factory can approach Maker’s Row to send their film crew and capture their employees at work. This could lead to new business coming into the factories, especially as boutique designers and inventors are getting into the habit of manufacturing their own products.

The platform was developed by young entrepreneurs Matthew Burnett, Tanya Menendez, and Scott Weiner. Check out their demo and various partners’ videos below:

Maker’s Row


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