The founder of talks about why she won't give advertisers access to her 1.2 million online readers.

This article titled “Maria Popova: why we need an antidote to the culture of Google” was written by Kathy Sweeney, for The Observer on Sunday 30th December 2012 00.04 UTC

You describe yourself as a “curator of interestingness” and run a website from New York called Brain Pickings, which covers all things curious and inspiring – books, art, science, photographs etc. What’s the common denominator for publishing something?

If something interests me and is both timeless and timely, I write about it. Much of what is published online is content designed to be dead within hours, so I find most of my material offline. I gravitate more and more towards historical things that are somewhat obscure and yet timely in their sensibility and message. We really need an antidote to this culture of “if it’s not Google-able, it doesn’t exist”. There’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration offline, ideas still very relevant and interesting.

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