Design agency Deepblue lets users make holiday jingles on the web from their smartphones.

As a way to thank clients for a great 2012, web design and user experience agency Deepblue wanted to create a unique project that demonstrated what our future interactions with gadgets and the Internet could look like. Simultaneously showcasing their abilities and developing skills for future projects, they built a mobile-to-browser experience with HTML 5 that lets the user make their own, in-browser holiday jingles from phone noises with their smartphones.

After loading up on a computer, users are invited to go to on their smartphone and enter a unique code. Then they are able to select different ‘instruments,' or sounds from the various on-screen mobile devices, to play at different times in a loop. The drums, snares, bells, guitars and more all work well together, even if you select a more or less random melange of instruments. No doubt the musically inclined could create a real tune with this experiment.

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