Moneypenny – A Concept For Future Of Work

Moneypenny – A Concept For Future Of Work

The next generation digital assistant helps you find the perfect work-life balance.

Wesley Robison
  • 27 january 2013

The Future Of Work

In order to bring to life PSFK’s Future of Work reportPSFK Labs challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within the report. This concept was created by lg2.

The future of work is already moving toward more flexibility both in terms of schedules (no more 9-to-5) and location (remote working, home offices). We need a tool that’s going to help individual workers and companies merge their increasingly divergent needs to maximize efficiency and more effectively manage work-life balance.

Personal assistant tools like Siri already exist but what if we could make them smarter and more adaptive? What if they could learn from our behaviour and filter ever-changing external data (delayed flights, a one-day sale at J Crew) to better anticipate our needs and reduce the time we spend organizing in order to free up more time for us to think, to create and to be more productive?

Moneypenny 2

Instead of managing your time hour- by-hour like traditional calendars, the MONEYPENNY next-generation assistant takes a more holistic approach. By evaluating your overall workload, time of day, geo-location, who you are with (using phone-to-phone communication) and even temperature and traffic, it can manage your schedule and allow you to prioritize more fluidly, giving you flexibility if needed (like spending an extra hour with your kids in the morning or skipping work to go snowboarding one afternoon) and focused, uninterrupted time when you need to concentrate. When working on a specific project rush, MONEYPENNY will filter all communications, rerouting less important ones to low priority channels.

Of course, it also knows which colleagues you’re working with on which projects, so MONEYPENNY will also be able to manage and optimize everyone’s calendars accordingly. Moreover, as it learns more about your behaviour it will be better able to refine and anticipate your needs, even going so far as to contact your favourite café to let them know that you’ll be half an hour late for your daily latte due to traffic. MONEYPENNY plays an active role in converging all of life’s disparate elements – friends, colleagues, shopping, work, fun – empowering you to be able to do what you need to do, when you need to do it .


If you’re looking for more trends, innovative ideas or themes changing the Future of Work, check out our full report for sale here or join us for our Social Media Week discussion with leading experts and industry innovators on Feb 20th. More information here

For more exclusive PSFK Labs’ ideas, watch the summary presentation and see everything that you’ve missed so far here.  Feel free to join the conversation and share your ideas about the future of work with the #FoW hashtag on Twitter.

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