Employee Badges Indicate Softer Skills [Future Of Work]

Employee Badges Indicate Softer Skills [Future Of Work]

The Mozilla Open Badges project allows workers to visually depict their skills and share through social media.

Wesley Robison
  • 13 january 2013

The Future Of Work

The Mozilla Open Badges project allows workers to visually depict their skills with badges that can be displayed on social media. Created by the company behind the Firefox web browser, the program lets workers accumulate badges in two ways: (1) as they master specific skills taught by a variety of badge issuers including online learning programs, job training programs and the peer-to-peer learning platform, Skillshare, or (2) when peers, co-workers or supervisors vouch for someone’s soft skills, such as the ability to work in teams and communicate.

Mozilla Webmaker-Badges

Over 31,000 badges have been issued by Open Badge users. Displaying skills and achievements that fall outside of traditional education, the cross-platform award system provides workers a new way to depict their capabilities.
Open Badges

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