Networked Knowledge – A Future Of Work Trend

Networked Knowledge – A Future Of Work Trend

Collaboration initiatives are providing a collective expertise from a diverse workforce, creating an on-demand resource and information library.

Wesley Robison
  • 20 january 2013

The Future Of Work

Efficiency in the workplace often comes down to effective communication and the ability to capitalize and expand upon the abilities of others. However 76% of Millenials believe ‘my boss could learn a lot from me.’ How do we make optimal use of each and every employee’s abilities in the workplace?

The knowledge base that is contained within an organization is most often held within the minds of its employees. Whether separated by an office wall or an ocean, there is a desire to create a collective knowledge base that is readily accessible by all stakeholders in a company. Real-time Q&A tools are being deployed to assist employees with the sharing and receiving of data.

As Jeff Beringer of Golin Harris explains:

In one of our worker communities, that consists of people from all around the world, users can tap the brain trust of other people in similar roles re- gardless of location. Any one of our workers on any company machine can begin a video chat with anyone around the world in our entire workforce with the click of a button. Also, we’ve made sure that we haven’t forgotten to get people together in person, and we haven’t replaced high touch with high tech as we bring people together to collaborate.

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Networked Knowledge trend:

Social Knowledge Platform Builds Skills-Based Reputations

successfactors social learning

Social Learning Improves Skill Retention And Progress

crowdbase web interface

  • Creating an index of knowledge allows ad hoc teams to quickly access people in-network, prompting innovative results by mixing diverse perspectives.
  • Peer-to-peer sharing can be as simple as tips, articles and information and when indexed these tips can be put to use as an educational resource.

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