Could This Be The New Facebook Design?

Could This Be The New Facebook Design?

This concept redesign from Swedish interactive art director Fred Nerby incorporates responsive panels and company pages.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 january 2013

Fred Nerby, a Swedish interactive art director and designer based in Brisbane, Australia, has created a concept for a Facebook redesign. The systematic design approach encourages user behavior and a greater control of data within a responsive grid.

The concept focuses on personalized information and maintains an attractive user interface. It allows users to have more control over what they see and don’t see on the social network, so they can create a more personal environment by interacting with the interface.

Could This Be The New Facebook?

The design incorporates responsive panels and company pages, primary and secondary columns for filtering posts, and a calendar event layout. Nerby writes:

I approached the platform from a user perspective and focused on targeted & personalised data while maintaining a visually appealing UI. Facebook has done a good job on this for a long time but we’re still not seeing the full extent of what’s possible within this platform.

You can see different elements of the concept design in the video below:

Fred Nerby


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