The White House Reveals Redesigned E-Medical Record System

The White House Reveals Redesigned E-Medical Record System

The Nightingale app is more intuitive to use with minimalistic interface.

Yi Chen
  • 31 january 2013

The Health Design Challenge was launched by the White House and Designer with the brief to contestants to redesign traditional electronic medical records and make them easier to use, and easier on the eye. The Health Design Challenge received over 230 submissions and the winner was selected this week.

Nightingale, the winning design by Gravity Tank, is available as a phone and web app. It’s a dashboard-like system that lets users and doctors track their medications, appointments, allergies, and physical activities.


What sets Nightingale apart from traditional medical records, is it’s an easy to navigate interface and an intuitive and polished design. It’s less text-orientated and is more set out like a dashboard with more visual cues.

In the next two months, the contest panel will combine various elements of submissions to create the final design. There is no word on whether the app will be used in hospitals in the near future, but it will be open-sourced on Github for anyone to use or improve upon.

US Department of Health & Human Services


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