Employee sentiment check-in offers a new map for understanding emotion in the workplace.

In order to bring to life PSFK’s Future of Work report, PSFK Labs challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within the report. This concept was created by Zemoga.

One of the most critical and elusive aspects of running a business is the challenge to understand and manage the emotional mindset of the workforce. The best places to work always seem to have their finger magically on the pulse of the organization, reacting with strategies that address both the individual and group dynamics. These management methods largely reply on the intuition, talent, and gut feeling of the human resources staff resulting in subjectively clouded conclusions and actions. One sour employee can quietly kill the energy of a team, while an entire department can passively stage a revolt and go unnoticed for weeks. New technology based management tools will emerge that borrow from the ingrained behavior patterns and social dynamics of the mobile generation. These employees hyper communication impulses will be leveraged by management to finely tune into the underlying attitudes of the workforce in a whole new way than ever before. Measurable insights will fuel more accurate sentiment assessments and lead to better reaction strategies. Social, geo-spatial check-in is the norm, but new company-wide Mood check-ins will offer employees a quick way to express themselves in the workplace. Using a mobile device, employees can easily check in their current mood whenever they feel the need. By simply selecting the right emoticon, the employee can post their mood instantaneously. Check-ins can be either anonymous or signed, so confidentiality is completely at the decision of the employee. Advances in biometrics will add additional depth and passive insight through work chair mounted sensors and at-desk facial recognition technology. A company wide benefit of the Mood check-In is a large visualization, projected on to a communal wall in the office, that displays of the dynamic, emotional temperature of the organization. This offers the entire company a shared biofeedback mechanism. Zemoga

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