On The Record – A Concept For Future Of Work

On The Record – A Concept For Future Of Work

Ambient technology integrates with team members' applications to streamline processes and expedite analysis.

Wesley Robison
  • 27 january 2013

The Future Of Work

In order to bring to life PSFK’s Future of Work reportPSFK Labs challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within the report. This concept was created by Control Group.

In our current lives we are used to publishing then editing our content. Our phones, for example, push every image captured to the cloud for tagging. Facial detection algorithms find our friends, scripts parse out the geographic location of the image and can even plot it on a map. This is all done automatically without effort from us beyond initial setup. This activity creates a massive amount of data. Facebook alone sees some 6 billion pictures uploaded every month.

The same type of processes are being used for videos, music, and voice. It is here we find fruit for ideation. Speech recognition is becoming ubiquitous. Google voice search and Siri are but two of the services that have brought VoRec to the masses. A new layer of parsing services will create new use cases and utility for future users.

on the record 2

In the office of the future we imagine such services to be invisible and always accessible to the worker. We see an environment in which embedded hardware, voice recognition, recording, and parsing work seamlessly together.

In one imaged scenario Vikram is in the Houston office from Oaxaca. Having several important meetings that day, he immediately starts his buffer when he arrives in the office by saying “On the Record”. For the rest of the day all of the people meeting with Vikram will be notified of the recording status via their Calendar. During one business development meeting, all the attendees are recording. Good information is exchanged and the team feels that they have the kernel of a contract. “Parse: Legal” Vikram announces to the air. The conversation, which has been parsed into a transcript that identifies each participant, is sent to their legal department, which now knows ‘how’ they should be framing the analysis of the transcript. The parsing could be machine or human if needed.

This sort of tool in the future will increase the efficiency and speed of collaboration. Conversations and their context will be captured, analyzed and shared with ease.

On the Record

If you’re looking for more trends, innovative ideas or themes changing the Future of Work, check out our full report for sale here or join us for our Social Media Week discussion with leading experts and industry innovators on Feb 20th. More information here

For more exclusive PSFK Labs’ ideas, watch the summary presentation and see everything that you’ve missed so far here.  Feel free to join the conversation and share your ideas about the future of work with the #FoW hashtag on Twitter.

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