Live Music Festival Played On A Moving Bus

Live Music Festival Played On A Moving Bus
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Orignal Buff recently organized the Non Flat Music Fest, a performance which used a moving bus as its stage.

Oliver Henares
  • 11 january 2013

On Saturday 15 December 2012, Original Buff®, a company that manufactures and sells multifunctional tubular headwear and scarves of the highest quality, organized a music festival on an urban bus in Barcelona.

BUFF®, in conjunction with Vice magazine, organized the Non Flat Music Fest, the first music festival in which music was not only played live, but in motion, since the concert was staged on a bus travelling through the streets of Barcelona:

Bigott, Mendetz and Green Gardens were the bands responsible for making the asphalt shake with their pounding rhythms. They all succeeded in giving the audience the most amazing concert of their lives.

Buff gave away tickets through an online game that connected the social media with the streets of Barcelona called Catch the “Buff Man.” Forty-six people were the exclusive passengers on the bus. Not only were they able to enjoy the concert but they were also converted into official Instagramers of the festival. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of the best photos of the event taken by the fans:

Check out more over at the Original Buff Facebook page.
Original Buff

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