New York Parking Signs Redesigned To Be More Clear

New York Parking Signs Redesigned To Be More Clear

Pentagram creates new signs that simplify the often convoluted messaging, make it much easier to understand parking rules.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 january 2013

NYC street signs recently got a makeover and now parking signs are also getting a design refresh. The simplified new signs, which were unveiled last week, aim to make parking regulations much easier to understand.

Pentagram Redesigns New York Parking Signs

Pentagram worked with the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) on the redesign. 6,300 signs of various colors, typefaces, font sizes, and with various confusing phrases, will be replaced with streamlined and standardized two-color signs that are phrased and formatted for easier readability. Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said:

New York City’s parking signs can sometimes be a five-foot-high totem pole of confusing information. Parking signs play an important role in setting the rules at the curbside and these changes will make regulations easier to read and take the stress out of figuring out where and when you can legally park.

Pentagram Redesigns New York Parking Signs

The new signs reduce the number of characters from 250 to 140, add some white space, and cut their size by about a foot. The consistent, simplified layout features two sections, one for commercial vehicles (in red) and the other for passenger vehicles (in green).

The number of hours parking is allowed is prominently placed in a reversed-out box at the top left of the sign. Everything is aligned to the left and written in a uniform font, Highway, which is widely used in U.S. DOT signage. The superfluous blue Muni-Meter signs have been eliminated altogether.

Pentagram Redesigns New York Parking Signs



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