Personal Travel Guide Includes Phone Numbers Of Local Residents

Personal Travel Guide Includes Phone Numbers Of Local Residents
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'For You The Traveller' gives visitors unprecedented access to 'expert' tour guides.

Allie Walker
  • 4 january 2013

Who better to ask for travel advice than a local? The new travel guide For You The Traveller uses local residents across five continents as expert guides, relying on them to provide area maps and recommendations. But this isn’t a crowd sourced travel guide- it’s a deeply personal look at one local resident’s suggestions. How personal? If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the 200 limited edition, rabbit fur covered novels, you’ll be able to call each and every local resident in the travel guide- there’s one for all of the listed countries, from Australia to Iran to Greece- giving you instant access to an ‘expert’ anywhere you travel in the world.

For You The Traveller Tehran

For You The Traveller is meant to be a ‘human guide to the world,’ and instead of restaurant or hotel recommendations, contains personal stories about the places and cities. For example, Pardis Amiri of Tehran offers reassuring words, writing, ‘Fear Not The Land, The People Will Help You’ (pictured above). Flipping to the next page (below), Amiri continues her reassurance:

Once one of the most advanced civilizations of the old world, Iran has been reduced to a third-world country which supposedly exports terrorism and frightens the world with its nuclear program and political prisoners. Good traveller, I will show you that I have neither camels in my courtyard nor guns in my condo! The people here are different to their remote government. I spend my days studying commerce as best I can without the right to attend a university. Despite the pressure placed on me as a woman and as a member of a religious minority, I do not cede victory to them.

For You The Traveller Tehran 2

And although it’s blacked out, reserving access to the 200 people who are lucky enough to get a copy of the guide, Amiri’s phone number is clearly listed on the page. Nabil Sabio Azadi, the artist behind For You The Traveller, explains the unique guide on his Tumblr:

For You The Traveller is a directory of kind people who will act as ports-of-call to travellers passing through their region and bearing this guide… They are metalworkers, scientists, builders, farmers, ecologists, urban designers, musicians, shipwrights, leatherworkers, political analysts and many other things. Some are old, others are young. What they have in common is that they trust you. If you share yourself with them, they will share their shelter, philosophy, and land with you.

The book is £80 GBP, and 100% of proceeds from sales of the book will benefit Nouvelle Planète, an international organization that will use the donations to build footbridges in Ambano, Madagascar.

Click through photos from the book below to explore Australia and Greece and click the link to purchase a copy:


For You The Traveller

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