Phones Detect Bad Breath And Disease

Phones Detect Bad Breath And Disease

Able to smell and taste your environment, phones of the future will know when you have a cold before you do.

Libby Garrett
  • 8 january 2013

Backed by venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, the San Francisco-based company Adamant Technologies is developing sensors that provide smartphones the senses of smell and taste.

Mimicking the human sensory system that combines data from our noses with memories and our other three senses, the sensory platform can recognize odors, place them in a context and form conclusions to either take or recommend actions.

Where the human nose has about 400 “sensors” that detect as many as a thousand different combinations, Adamant’s technology has 2,000 sensors that, paired with a wide range of databases, can correctly identify an exhaustive list of odors.

By digitizing the senses of smell and taste, the sensors could be used by phones, computers, medical devices, our home and work environments and cars to help:

  • detect infections and illnesses
  • prevent outbreaks in our food supply
  • alert when food has soured
  • distinguish when cellared wines are at their prime, or when agricultural goods are at their ideal ripeness
  • host breathalyzer apps to monitor diabetes, halitosis, blood alcohol level and more

Now in production in a plant in Austin, Texas, the sensors will be included in a plug-in iPhone device that will retail for $100 or less.

Adamant Technologies  via Business Insider

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