Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

Known as "flying rats," these birds are scrubbing up their negative image with a new concept project.

Yi Chen
  • 16 january 2013

London-based Cohen Van Balen plans to use pigeons to make the city a cleaner place. The Pigeon d’Or project features selected birds being fed specially designed food. Instead of just seeds, the birds also end up eating a certain bacteria that can turn their droppings into tiny bits of soap.

The process involves modifying the metabolism of pigeons with the Lactobacillus bacteria, which is naturally found in the digestive tract. This results in the pigeons defecating soap, which changes our mentality of the birds as being just “flying rats.”


One of the people behind the project is the Belgium bio-engineer, Tuur van Balen. He is known for his quirky and thought-provoking science experiments, including turning yogurt into prozac.

For more details about the Pigeon d’Or project, click to watch the video below:

Cohen Van Balen


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