Plastic Surgery For Dogs?

Plastic Surgery For Dogs?

A ridiculous faux ad stands out amongst clutter on the NYC subway.

Allie Walker
  • 17 january 2013

At first this subway ad looks a bit shocking- plastic surgery for dogs? What self-respecting dog owner would take their dog to a canine plastic surgery specialist? Why not just buy another breed in the first place? Do canine plastic surgeons even exist? When we first saw this ad, we were pretty sure it was fake- but what was it selling? Turns out, of all things, a TV show. Visiting redirects you to Comedy Central and a video clip for the new series Kroll Show.

Taking a closer look at the ad, the copy does mention the show with the quote from ‘Liz’ from TV’s Kroll Show– ‘When push comes to shove, I wouldn’t trust my dog’s plastic surgery to anyone but Dr. Armond.’ But on an early morning subway ride, readers aren’t likely to notice the fact that the quote is from a TV show, instead focusing on the ludicrous idea that a doctor would perform plastic surgery on a dog.  A ridiculous faux ad, but much more effective than the typical subway ad.

Compare the Kroll Show ad to this Nurse Jackie subway ad that we spotted back in 2010:

Nurse Jackie Subway

While Nurse Jackie is factual and direct, the Kroll Show ad is more likely to catch the attention of riders (even amongst the clutter) due to its controversial nature. Comedy Central also scores in relevancy, designing the ad to look like this NYC subway system staple from Dr. Zizmor:

Zizmor Ad

Think about how many ads you see a day- our lives are inundated with advertisements, from seeing them on television to reading them in magazines and newspapers to listening to them on Pandora- ‘Puppylift’ is a great example of standing out from the clutter with creativity and relevancy.

Did you see the ‘Puppylift’ ad on the subway? If you did, did you visit the website?

Kroll Show

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