Polaroid Camera Captures Moments Of Online Life

Polaroid Camera Captures Moments Of Online Life

Instead of taking a picture of your offline world, this camera takes a picture of your digital experiences.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 january 2013

The Polaroid Cacher takes a picture of your online world instead of your offline world, printing out physical representations of your digital life. It uses a browser plugin that allows you to take a screenshot of your computer and print the moment, addressing the fleeting nature of online interactions.

Created at ITP by Adrià Navarro and DI Shin, the Polaroid Cacher is a camera that captures mementos of digital life in a traditional analog format.

Polaroid-Esque Camera Captures Moments Of Online Life

We believe that our daily online activity –conversations, discoveries, games– is as meaningful as our activity in the physical world and, as such, should be preserved the same way we try to capture every important moment in our life. Especially because most of these experiences will be soon forgotten, lost under layers of information, databases and outdated services.

The camera features a browser plugin that overlays a viewfinder allowing you to frame an area and capture a picture of it. The device will then “develop” the picture by wirelessly printing and framing it like a traditional instant photo. Check out the video below to see the Polaroid Cacher in action:

Polaroid Cacher


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