Prada Shows Off Latest Line In A Specially Designed House

Prada Shows Off Latest Line In A Specially Designed House

For their newest menswear show, Italian label Prada had Rem Koolhaus create a "home" for their models to walk through.

Laura Feinstein
  • 25 january 2013

Do you have your Vivienne Westwood wallpaper and your Cynthia Rowley tool kit, but still feel like your house could use the “designer touch”? Well then maybe it’s time you traded that railroad apartment or split level ranch house for your very own Prada pad. Recently Miuccia Prada took the company’s look to a new level by creating a miniature world, stocked with a bevvy of male models, to act as the stage for her menswear runway show. Though there were less hijinx at Prada’s faux apartment than the Zoolander male model pad, there still seemed to be plenty of fun to be had. The models, decked out in the fashion house’s signature lux everyday wear, strutted through a custom made set stocked with modernist geometric furniture and normal household objects amped up in bold, primary colors– all created by design megastar Rem Koolhaas, and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture, or OMA.

Prada House Runway

Dubbed Ideal House, this lifesize diorama allowed the fashion show-going audience to experience the event through a runway wrapped around the stage, with fake “windows” projected on the walls with scenes of the outside world. If you take a look at the pictures, you almost feel like you could dive right through them. As one website noted, though Prada could have gone crazy with the branding, they instead went for understated and classic:

Prada House City View

Curbed commented that:

There’s not a single insignia to be found,just hard-edged furnishings—like 1960s James Bond (Sean Connery-style) was zipped into the 22nd century—steeped in a colorful crispness that reflects the collection’s clean-cut vibe. Bubblegum pink swivel chairs flank a stacked coffee table, with a bright portrait of the lady of the house in the foreground.

Prada House 3D

If you’re curious just how durable this life-size Ken dream house is, the stage and the island are actually all built in wood (meaning, Prada really did create a mini home. Many set designers will simply use foam or cardboard in a wood covering for their stages). As for the uniting motifs? The entire room was purposefully cast in a neutral light grey color, that covered both stage and the perimeter wall. In addition, metal and Plexiglas in combination with paper textures, formed the base of the furniture.

Prada House Cityscape

For those who are fans of this pairing, it actually comes as just the latest in a series of many intricate and avant-garde pairings between Prada and OMA. Other designs have included 1950s-style foam cars as the set of the retro-inspired fall 2012 collection.

Prada House Empty: Discussion

For those looking to pic up some of their own Prada home designs, the 12-piece furniture collection, designed by OMA for Knoll, will debut at the Salon Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April.

Check out a more of the images below:


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