Jane Austen's famous novel is already about subverting traditional systems, so it could lend itself quite well to the digital medium.

This article titled “Pride and Prejudice at 200: is it time for a video game?” was written by Keith Stuart, for guardian.co.uk on Monday 28th January 2013 16.25 UTC

The one thing that tends to get overlooked when we think about Pride and Prejudice is the terror. I don’t mean the usual video game form of terror – there are no monsters or ninja assassins in Austen’s novel (although it’s a few years since I last read it, I might have forgotten those bits). I mean the terror of social failure and displacement. The fear of dishonour and disgrace – and the very real peril young women faced when they were felt to have fallen somehow short of society’s standards. And sorry, but this is all good video game material.

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