Quantified Employee – A Future Of Work Trend

Quantified Employee – A Future Of Work Trend

Talent management tools that leverage big data are revealing hidden metrics tied to employee value.

Wesley Robison
  • 20 january 2013

The Future Of Work

Staying on top employee performance is pivotal to effective management. For example, More than 75% of all organizations (those where HR contributes to corporate strategy and those where it does not) either have a workforce analytics system in place or have plans to implement one.

New data streams tied to worker behavior are being used to measure and evaluate work performance and value. Monitoring systems are gathering data from superiors, peers and workflows, to develop new metrics that help measure and track valuable characteristics like leadership, curiosity, persistence, influence and critical contribution.

As Tom Boyle of SilkRoad says:

You can look across your organization and find individuals that are contributing in ways that they weren’t hired for initially, yet they have made connections naturally through the company and are contributing in all different types of ways that we can now cue in on, and make decisions on what we do with that employee or what skills would be missed without them. That’s the type of benefit you get from measuring employees influence.

Workers Rank Peers To Reveal Hidden Business Value

valve employee

Companies’ Hidden Talent Revealed By Social Metric Score

silk road gui

  • Techniques can be employed to evaluate the quality of an employee’s individual talent, as well as an overall group dynamic.
  • Employees can gather feedback through client and coworkers reviewing deliverables, being able to better judge the quality of work based on engagement and responses.

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