PSFK chats with Jeff Beringer the Digital Marketing Innovation VP about new technology tools that are facilitating new kinds of brand conversations.

As part of our Future of Work Series, PSFK reached out to experts to get their take on the changes we’ve identified that are currently going on in the workplace. We recently chatted with Jeff Beringer, EVP of Digital Marketing Innovation for GolinHarris, about innovation in social media and the world of realtime communication.

How is instantaneous connectivity changing how you manage your workforce?

Yeah, good question. We have had to become much more collaborative in not just working internally with our own teams and different kinds of specialists, but also in the way that we work with clients. When we're going from insight to action in a series of hours instead of days, we know the lines of communication have to be better inside our own walls, but those with our clients as well. One of the things when we first restructured the agency and focused on delivery of specialized services, we created internal knowledge‑sharing communities. Think of it as Facebook for business, but built around these different communities of specialists. So, our story tellers, for example, in one of our communities, all around the world can tap the brain trust of other people in those similar roles and all of our offices globally through these networks.

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