Is This The Safest Bike On The Road?

Is This The Safest Bike On The Road?

A bike project introduces heightened safety through efficient brake lighting, rider protection, and retro-reflective coating.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 7 january 2013

Lawyer and biking enthusiast Josh Zisson has unveiled a bike concept that he claims is the ‘safest bike on the road.’


Zisson’s prototype showcases a dynamo hub in the front that powers an LED headlight, as well as a tail light that can monitor the voltage coming from the front wheel, making it light brighter when you hit the brake.


The bike also features full fenders to shield you from unwanted splashes while biking in rainy weather, puncture-resistant tires and tubes, a double kickstand, and a chainguard to protect your pants from getting stuck in the bike chains. 


But the most striking feature of Zisson’s bike concept is its retro-reflective frame that makes the bike fully visible to motorists when any bright light source–such as a car’s headlight–shines on it. Zisson explains that the coating will last throughout the lifetime of the bike (perhaps even longer), is stable even under UV light, and is completely environmentally-friendly.


Safest Bike by Bike Safe Boston


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