Traveling Shipping Container Hotel Requires GPS To Locate Rooms

Traveling Shipping Container Hotel Requires GPS To Locate Rooms

The Sleeping Around hotel refreshes the pop-up experience with its concept of an adventurous, moving caravan.

Kyana Gordon
  • 24 january 2013

The concept of the pop-up is one we’ve seen countless times in several incarnations: retail shop, food truckpharmacy, mobile school bus, fashion + auto combo. However, none have struck our fancy quite like Sleeping Around, a new Belgium-based company. Not just any old pop-up hotel experience – this constantly moving pop-up shipping container hotel may appear in the middle of a busy shopping street, beside a city capital building, or smack dab in the corner of a park. The idea was to create an accommodating facility which was easily transportable that could crop up in the most extraordinary of places. Without an address, guests locate their room by GPS — currently the hotel is overlooking a riverfront in Antwerp, and will soon be moving onto a new location.


Using sustainable design principles, four recycled 20-feet tall shipping containers were transformed into guest rooms that are outfitted with everything you might expect to find in a modern hotel room. The remaining two containers serve as a breakfast/lounging area and sauna. The elements of surprise and whimsy are at the core of this hotel experience, and interested adventurers can even suggest potential locations it could move to. Sleeping Around is willing to go wherever its wandering heart leads it and as you can see from the photo gallery below, that is a great many places.



Click through the images below to see more locations where the containers have ended up.

Sleeping Around

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