Futuristic Shoes Breathe And Ignite [Video]

Futuristic Shoes Breathe And Ignite [Video]
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Artist pushes the limits of footwear design by exploring the accessory as a living entity.

Plus Aziz
  • 2 january 2013

In his work, artist Benjamin John Hall explores shoe design by pumping, burning, and orchestrating explosions. The work has been highlighted by International Talent Support, a fashion competition developed by Diesel.

Hall created a series of shoes in the piece ‘Birth, Life, Death, & Resurrection’ that ‘perform’ acts related to the four life events. He makes a pair of shoes start to ‘breathe’ in the video below that are then cut open and release blood. Another pair of shoes ignite, and another blow up a pair of balloons.

The video helps to bring the theatrical and performative layer of fashion to life. When we recently chatted with young filmmaker Ehsan Bhatti, he reaffirmed the increasing importance of the video medium in pushing the fashion industry to even greater creative heights. Check out the video below to see these shoes take the stage:

See various videos of fashion work from the competition here.

Benjamin John Hall

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