Skills Marketplace – A Future of Work Trend

Skills Marketplace – A Future of Work Trend

Badges and visual cues are helping to call out proven talent and skills to help distinguish capable individuals.

Wesley Robison
  • 13 january 2013

The Future Of Work

As we examine the trends in PSFK’s Future of Work report, we see that companies are changing their internal structure to allow for the rapid assembly of interdisciplinary teams that are tailor-made to solve specific problems. This style of project-oriented workflow requires a new type of relationship between employers and employees including the ability to quickly match workers to projects by skill set. Social tools are emerging that allow workers to paint a more accurate picture of their professional skill sets and personal interests, allowing employers and likeminded collaborators to identify and partner with them more quickly.

Below we’ve highlighted two examples of the Skills Marketplace trend that show how badges and visualizations are being used to showcase work skills and experiences that may not exist on your resume:

Online Badges Depict Informal And Soft Skills

mozilla open badges future of work

Social Media Profiles Turned Into Resume Infographics

vizify future of work wes

How does the Skills Marketplace trend benefit the employee? The traditional resume offers a very one-dimensional look at an individual. New tools exist that allow workers to more accurately and dynamically represent their value and talents. And for the company, by being able to quickly asses worker’s skills companies are able to create interdisciplinary teams with greater ease and more rapidly than in the past.

To buy the PSFK’s Future of Retail report or to download a summary Slideshare preview check out the Future of Work report here – and join the conversation to share your ideas for the future of work using the #FoW on twitter.

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