Doors Unlock With The Wave Of A Phone

Doors Unlock With The Wave Of A Phone

ShareKey enables users to transfer digital keys by email or MMS from their smartphone.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 january 2013

Will keys soon become obsolete? ShareKey is an app that enables doors to be unlocked with a smartphone and access can be shared at certain times to let others in, like a friend or maintenance worker.

The solution will be demonstrated by researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology in Germany at the CeBIT trade fair in March.

Instead of A Key, Doors Unlock With The Wave Of A Smartphone

It works using NFC and to open a door, you simply need to hold your phone close to the lock. Electronic keys are sent to the user’s mobile in the form of a QR code attached to an email or MMS. Alexandra Dmitrienko from the SIT said:

In essence, ShareKey offers two new functions: users can issue digital keys remotely and assign these keys certain user permissions. For instance, I can grant the building superintendent access to my apartment for a short period so that he can open the door for the gas meter to be read while I’m at work. The solution is built around modern security technologies and can be easily integrated into existing access control systems.

Electronic keys are protected on the smartphone from malware and unauthorized access by leveraging advanced technologies that keep sensitive information separate from other data and apps. Also, opening a door requires information contained both in the encrypted token sent to the user and in the app installed on their smartphone. ShareKey has potential applications for parcel or locker compartments, hotels, and car-sharing schemes.

Fraunhofer Institute


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