Snow Boots With Retractable Skis Are Actually A Rent-A-Car Ad [Video]

Snow Boots With Retractable Skis Are Actually A Rent-A-Car Ad [Video]

Hertz creates a new dream winter accessory concept to advertise their rates to ski destinations.

Yi Chen
  • 14 january 2013

Here’s an accessory all snow-goers should buy: a boot with retractable skis so you don’t have to lug around heavy equipment and you’re ready to glide down the slopes whenever you please. The SkiBrogues self-describe as “this winter’s must-have ski accessory.”

For £395 ($635.00 US), you can buy the Essential version, or splash out £995 ($1599.00 US) to get the luxury version with real leather and fur lining. Each boot comes in a choice of three colors and the luxury version includes a 10-year guarantee.

However when PSFK went to purchase a pair, we found the boots are currently out of stock. But before you become too disappointed, you’ll be interested to know that the prototype boot is actually an ad for Hertz. The SkiBrogues’ official site looks legitimate with “buy now” buttons, an about page, and even a video of the working prototype.

Nevertheless, the ultimate ski accessory is just a carefully orchestrated campaign to promote the car rental company’s winter rates for top ski destinations. The right-hand-side of the website includes a skyscraper banner to showcase discounted prices for car rental in France, Switzerland, and Canada, just to name a few.

Watch the video below to see the mock ski boots in action.




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