$47,000 Hotel Package Comes With Personal Social Media Assistant

$47,000 Hotel Package Comes With Personal Social Media Assistant

The Madison Hotel is offering an elite experience for the Inauguration in D.C. that includes someone to chronicle your stay.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 january 2013

The Madison Hotel is offering a special package for the Inauguration in Washington D.C. The $47,000 Inaugural Town and Country package includes a ‘Dedicated Social Media Butler’ to tweet and post to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for you so you don’t miss anything.

The butler is Victoria Devine, who founded the D.C.-based social marketing and online communications agency Anchor Media. She will be on-hand to chronicle guests’ experience and post on all of their accounts so friends and followers can keep up with their activities. Devine told Ad Age:

I’m hoping this helps get Anchor Media on the map. I see us offering this sort of service in the future — maybe not just like this, but having someone on hand at an event, a conference or even a wedding to have what happens recorded via social media.

$47,000 Hotel Package Comes With Social Media Butler

The luxury package at The Madison Hotel also includes a four night stay in one of their presidential suites, a personal town car and driver, a $5,000 shopping experience at Brooks Brothers, and a private presidential inauguration tour for the guest and up to 22 friends. The tour offers stories and scenes of past presidential inaugurations with stops for photos, which would be a great opportunity to put the Social Media Butler to good use.

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