Social Workflow – A Future Of Work Trend

Social Workflow – A Future Of Work Trend

Platforms are using social communication interfaces to streamline internal dialogue and processes within a company.

Wesley Robison
  • 27 january 2013

The Future Of Work

Workers are transitioning to accommodate a wider range of communication methods into their daily workflow. Based on this, Millennials are 3 times as likely to think a company should be using IM, or mobile text messaging than companies are to actually be using these channels. Will these new methods eventually grow to replace traditional communication forms such as email?

Social communication tools are being baked into business processes to provide more fluid workflows and enable data gathering to make better business decisions. Using the popular form factor of social networks and user-friendly graphic interfaces, these platforms help remove obstacles around effective use.

Aaron Dignan of Undercurrent says:

We’re trying to replicate the offline world benefits of a corkboard or a whiteboard, with the fluid and collaborative elements of a digital execution. There’s no reason that an image, a slideshow, an audio file, a video file, a conversation, an IM and an email, all have to happen in different places at different times if they’re related to the same thing. Project management applications tend to be terrible at bringing multimedia together in an elegant way. Having a social layer integrated across platforms and applications is now starting to be a natural and simple thing.

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the Social Workflow trend:

Social Tool Aids Collaboration In A Project-By-Project Economy [Future Of Work]

grapheffect 1

Social Network For Doctors Improves Cross-Specialty Collaboration

doximity app 1

-Social platform layouts can help to string together learning, internal communication, CRM, human resource management tools and other departmental apps in a collaborative ecosystem that is easy for everyone to use.

-By using tools and platforms within an organization that are similar to those used by workers in their personal lives, user adoption increases and barriers to entry decrease.

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