Spotify Sells Its Service With Phone Plans In Europe

Spotify Sells Its Service With Phone Plans In Europe

This youth-targeted bundle package program was created in partnership with Orange Switzerland.

Plus Aziz
  • 30 january 2013

As the availability of unlimited data continues to be a hot topic among phone providers and their customers, Orange Switzerland has cleverly bundled Spotify with phone plans in a package named Orange Young Star. This deal with Spotify gives plan users below the age of 27 unlimited access to streaming music on Spotify without impact to their bandwidth cap. The monthly cost is at the same price-point as it would be if the customer had subscribed directly through Spotify. In fact, the partnership was beefed up with Orange’s capacity to resell Spotify subscriptions so that customers pay a flat fee of $14.

Spotify has partnered with numerous companies including T-Mobile in Germany, Virgin Media in the UK, and Yahoo in the USA.The pilot program gets us thinking whether this may be a clever way for US providers like Verizon and Sprint to regain affinity with customers as they drop unlimited data deals. Fundamental to the success of Spotify’s programs is their focus on a new niche of customers in particular countries and not limiting their partnerships to a diverse pool of industries (e.g. telecommunications, technology, entertainment).

Check out the details of Orange’s offering by clicking here.


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