Starbucks Stop Motion Video Shows The Upside Of Mondays

Starbucks Stop Motion Video Shows The Upside Of Mondays

UK ad tells coffee-drinkers to celebrate the day's historical greatness and offers discounted coffee.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 january 2013

Do you have a case of the Mondays? Bleary-eyed and exhausted after a weekend of sleeping in and general merriment? Well, Starbucks wants to wake you up with a discounted latte and a new appreciation for the first day of the week.


Its new animated promo, created by AMV BBDO for a UK audience, recounts historically significant events that have happened on a Monday to suggest that, if you think about it, ‘Mondays can be great.’

Monday seems to be everyone’s least favorite day of the week. But at Starbucks, we don’t think Mondays are all bad.

Did you know that in 1969, when Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, it was a Monday? Or that Big Ben first chimed on a Monday in 1859?  Using Starbucks-branded objects to create the stop-motion video, the coffee company links its products with ‘did you know’ facts such as these to brighten up their customers’ morning. Says Brand New School, who produced the spot:

We limited our palette to things you’d find at a Starbucks shop. Napkins, wooden stirrers, straws, corrugated sleeves and … oh yes, cups. Talls, Grandes, Ventis and don’t forget those little cappuccino jim jams. Our cups ranneth over with fun as we shot it all in our in-house stage.

The ad cleverly suggests that with a cheap Starbucks latte in your hand, who knows what will happen this Monday?

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