Stove-Top Interface Lets DJs ‘Cook’ Beats [Video]

Stove-Top Interface Lets DJs ‘Cook’ Beats [Video]

Viktor Jan's 'Beatoven' project lets users mix sounds as if they were ingredients to create music through a cooking experience.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 january 2013

Korean new media artist Viktor Jan’s ‘Beatoven‘ links the principles of cooking to creating a track as a DJ. Instead of adding ingredients to change the overall taste of a meal, sounds are mixed together to make music.

Like the BeetBox, this project explores new interfaces for creating music. Users are able to mix sounds in a cooking experience, with a pot placed on top of the ‘stove.’ ‘Ingredients’ in the form of boxes can be dropped in the pot to play different tracks and form a new sound.

Stove-Top Interface Lets DJs ‘Cook’ Beats [Video]

The revolving buttons on the top can be played with to adjust the ‘heat’ and change the sound, while enhancing the feeling of cooking. When the lid is placed on the pot, the frequency of the music slows down, thus creating the feeling that music is coming from inside the pot. Jan writes:

Using the cooking process as a metaphor gives the affordances of a DJ Mixer to users, therefore even those who have not been involved with music production before can use it without having someone to teach them.

You can check out the ‘Beatoven’ in the video below:

Viktor Jan


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