Sundance Gives Fledgling Filmmakers An Online Distribution Platform

Sundance Gives Fledgling Filmmakers An Online Distribution Platform

The film festival's Artist Services program joins with online platform Reelhouse to help young directors self-distribute their movies.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 january 2013

The Sundance Institute’s Artist Services program, which gives independent filmmakers all the resources they need for funding, distributing, and marketing their creation, is partnering with organizations including Reelhouse to help shape the services it provides.

Reelhouse is an online platform that was set up to give ‘stories’ (no cat videos or portfolio reels) from talented artists a special place to be uploaded so everyone can have the chance to enjoy them. Sundance affiliated films will enjoy special perks and will be showcased on Reelhouse’s upcoming Sundance page. Reelhouse CEO William Mainguy said:

We want to do for web video–from shorts to full-length features–what the Institute has done for independent film. Their artists are exactly the kind of content creators who would most benefit from the advantages offered by Reelhouse.

Sundance Gives Filmmakers A Distribution Platform With Reelhouse Partnership

Filmmakers can choose various options on the platform for self-distributing and monetizing their films. Co.Create reports that Reelhouse has a pay-to-watch feature that lets them set their own price and a fundraising feature that enables them to offer goods to fans who pledge their monetary support (like Kickstarter).


Photo by Kenneth Lu


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