Target Launches High-End Fashion Ads For Groceries [Video]

Target Launches High-End Fashion Ads For Groceries [Video]

A tongue-in-cheek campaign by the big box retailer invites viewer discussion.

Yi Chen
  • 10 january 2013

The giant retailer has launched “The Everyday Collection” campaign that gives the glossy, high-fashion treatment to average grocery items like eggs, laundry detergent, prenatal vitamins, and even a steak.

The 30-second commercials are fast-moving, entertaining, and fun to watch. Target noted that it’s probably the first time a retail grocery store has used this type of media to promote the goods, and hopes to invite consumers to share and talk about the ads.

The video below is advertising meat, and we see a beautiful model, who represents a matador, elegantly waving around a white cloth to avoid chicken breasts and sirloin steaks flying by her. The tagline is simply, “Conquer dinner, one cut of meat at a time.”

In another ad, titled “Ravenous,” we see a pregnant woman frantically opening pickle jars, a packet of oreos, and ripping through oranges. The commercial ends with the woman trying to open a jar of prenatal multivitamins with the voiceover saying, “What baby wants, baby gets.”

Jeff Jones, chief marketing office of Target, explained that the campaign “creates a foil for what people are used to seeing for grocery advertising. It combines the design ethos and fashion creditability that Target has with the idea that it also has great grocery items at a great price.”

Watch the other videos of the campaign below.



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