TelePresence – A Future Of Work Trend

TelePresence – A Future Of Work Trend

Technologies are helping employees interact remotely with co-workers and objects stationed anywhere in the world.

Wesley Robison
  • 27 january 2013

The Future Of Work

As office environments adapt to a wide array of new technologies, workers are gaining increased freedom to work from outside the office. In fact, 70% of employees think being in an office regularly is unnecessary. How does this trend affect contemporary office life?

New technologies are blurring the lines between physical and digital space, making remote interactions with co-workers and even objects, a richer and more engaging experience. Mobile robotics and projection technologies are enabling workers to dynamically connect with geographically dispersed offices, helping build stronger relationships and achieve better results from distant collaborations. As these technologies become more commonplace, they will fundamentally change the nature of how workers are able to work together and communicate.

Albert Song of Industrial Color says:

Mobile devices, in particular, have fostered an on- the-go mentality to working. People don’t want to be tied to an office and they want to be able to access data on the fly and do their work from any location

Below we’ve higlighted two examples of the TelePresence trend:

Projector Lamp Lets Workers Share Remote Desk Space

illumishare 1

Haptic Robots Let People ‘Be’ Anywhere In The World

cordis 1

  • A physical presence in digital form allows for non-verbal communication and interactions that would otherwise be lost in email, phone and diminished in video communications.
  • These platforms facilitate fast decision making by providing high quality audio, visual, and haptic communication channels that allow workers to discuss and troubleshoot time-critical issues in real-time.

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