Tech-Enabled Fake Nails Act As Smartphone Stylus

Tech-Enabled Fake Nails Act As Smartphone Stylus

Nano Nails are artificial fingernails that can be used as a stylus on devices with touchscreen displays.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 january 2013

Long nails and touchscreen devices don’t go well together, but these artificial fingernails can be used as a stylus thanks to a capacitive tip. Nano Nails were developed by Tech Tips, a company founded by Cleveland Clinic trained dermatologist “Sri” Vellanki, who wanted to be more accurate with her smartphone.

Tech Tips brand styluses were developed to work with your hand on a touchscreen.  Multi-touch gestures are unimpeded.  Selections are accurate since the touchscreen display is more fully visualized.  Frustration and errors are reduced for individuals that find touchscreens difficult to use.

Long Nails Made Touchscreen Friendly With Embedded Capacitive Tip

Nano Nails replicate the motion of tapping on an object with your fingernails, making it easier to navigate touchscreen devices quickly. The fingernail stylus is both ergonomic and precise.

Gizmodo reports that Nano Nails feature an almost-invisible capacitive tip under the index fingernail that works just like a stylus or fingertip. They will be available in May, with a pack of six costing around $10. You can check them out in the video below:

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