Bar’s Furniture Hangs From Ceiling

Bar’s Furniture Hangs From Ceiling

Moo Bar, in Leamington Spa, UK is a topsy-turvy venue where conventional design gets turned on its head.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 january 2013

Steve Smith is known in the UK for his outlandishly designed venues (Smack, The Duke Terrace) in the spa town of Leamington. But when the opportunity to refit one of his properties arose, he chose to throw design rules out the window and bolt the furniture to the ceiling.


Although Moo has been open for ten years and has a loyal following, the refit transforms it from just another venue into a sensory experience – especially after you’ve had a couple. There are plush chairs and chesterfields, long tables and wire chairs, all painted in white and all hanging above your head. Even the wall decor is upside-down. For the clientele itching to have a seat, there are glass display boxes that serve as benches and tables.

You may be forgiven for thinking you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, and TV screens behind the bars won’t help clear matters up. Three video cameras constantly capture the action, which is then projected on these screens upside-down so that the furniture seems right-side-up, and the customers are partying on the ceiling. Get it?


As the night goes on, everything gets more disorienting and this is probably just what Steve Smith intended. Just don’t try climbing on the furniture.



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