Business exec David Goldhill's new book details his father's demise -- the result of ineffective care from our current care offerings.

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This article titled “US healthcare condemns our parents to lingering deaths and us to financial ruin” was written by Michael Wolff, for on Monday 28th January 2013 17.07 UTC

The human experience was once shadowed by the almost certain fact that you would see one or more of your children die. Now, it is haunted by a similar certainty that we will see our parents die prolonged, complicated, painful, absurd, and expensive deaths.

There is a growing group of writers of the fiftysomething generation who are taking on this subject. I am one of them, writing not long ago about my 87-year-old mother's tortured final years. David Goldhill is another. His 83-year-old father went into the hospital with pneumonia, and because hospitals are one of the worst places for your heath, never came out.

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