The WSJ. Money extension of the weekend edition Magazine will serve as a personal finance guide for the wealthy.

Occupy Wall Street? That’s old news. Even with potential tax increases on the wealthiest Americans coming from the Obama Administration, it appears the 1% has more or less weathered the storm. And they still have money on their minds.

Which is what The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is banking on.

WSJ is launching a new segment as a supplement to their existing WSJ. Magazine, in an attempt to feed this insatiable appetite for all things personal finance.

WSJ. Money, which will launch on March 9th and start off as a quarterly published four times a year, will be a new luxury lifestyle insert targeted towards wealthy readers interested in personal finance, beyond choosing stocks and hedge funds. Instead, the new insert will focus mainly on character narratives of those who have ‘made it,’ as well as columns on exclusive travel destinations and lesser-known areas around the globe.

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