Wi-Fi Signals Visualized As Art

Wi-Fi Signals Visualized As Art

Artist Peter Jellitsch created sculpture that tracks signal strength over a 45 day period in an apartment in Manhattan.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 january 2013

Although you pay a flat rate for your wi-fi service, the signal varies from day to day. Artist Peter Jellitsch visualizes these changes through a sculpture that tracks the signal over a 45 day period.

Wi-Fi Signals Visualized As Art

While he was living in New York, he analyzed and plotted the strength of the signal everyday, resulting in an abstract, sculptural data visualization. The raised parts of the plane signify a strong signal, while the flat areas mean the signal was weak at that time.

Wi-Fi Signals Visualized As Art

This installation, ‘Bleecker Street Documents’, can be read as a “fragmented space description” that aims to make the invisible visible. The project is named after the location of the apartment he stayed in.

Wi-Fi Signals Visualized As Art

As well as the sculpture, the installation also features pages of his notes and a primer with a scientific explanation of what Jellitsch was studying.

Peter Jellitsch



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