New societies and networking events that exclude men are trying to level the playing fiels, but do people really prefer a single-sex social life?

This article titled “No boys allowed: the rise of single-sex clubs and societies” was written by Zoe Williams, for The Guardian on Friday 4th January 2013 23.00 UTC

Like so many things that men have been doing for longer than anybody can remember, it only looks weird when women start to do it. Women are tentatively – which is to say, in small numbers, not in attitude – embracing single-sex socialising. At the end of last year, Kate Percival launched Grace Belgravia, a women-only members club in central London. (I have just learned online that the club’s name is meant to represent the three graces: charm, beauty and creativity. They omitted to mention this when I spoke to them, perhaps judiciously.) There is already The Sorority in Holborn, with the same ground rules (men only as guests, on certain nights, and only if they behave). Later this month, KC Gates, a fascinating Canadian rugby player, plans to turn Soho bar Sofakingcool into a women-only restaurant.

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