5 Top Holiday Campaigns In The Creative Sandbox Archive

5 Top Holiday Campaigns In The Creative Sandbox Archive

PSFK picks our Top 5 favorite holiday advertising campaigns from last year.

Matt Sabourin
  • 3 february 2013

Google’s Creative Sandbox microsite features a curated selection of work from the advertising industry for visitors to vote on. Their archive reflects some of the most innovative branding work being executed by agencies and digital partners.

From their archive PSFK has selected the Top 5 five of our favorite holiday ad campaigns from last year. The following examples are campaigns that push the envelope in terms of interactivity, innovation and most of all stand out above of the annual din of brand sponsored cheer.

1. Weapon7: The Snow Machine

An internal project for the Weapon7 agency Christmas card 2012. The Snow Machine was an experiential event in Covent garden featuring a Twitter powered snow machine, an eight ton Mercedes-Benz Unimog and copious amounts of fake snow. Passers by were invited to Tweet #snow to @thesnowmachine Twitter account, this would then cause ten seconds of snow flurry from the snow machine. The event ran all day was seen by thousands of people culminating in over one thousand tweets and gaining newspaper coverage for the agency.

2.  Stella Artois: Christmas Carole

Stella Artois was first brewed as a holiday gift for the people of Leuven, Belgium. To celebrate their seasonal heritage, Stella Artois created a special treat for their fans around the world – a unique, personalised Christmas greeting from Christmas Carole – the actress Alice Eve. Fans could send a holiday message via the brand’s Facebook page and website just by entering their friend’s name and address. From there, Christmas Carole did the rest, arriving virtually at their front door for a special musical performance.

3.  Various: The Christmas Experiments

the christmas experiments

This project come with an idea the 29 november: create a web exhibition for Christmas which features digital artists. To make it, we thought to an advent calendar where the chocolate is replaced by a web experimentation. This idea was perfect because it allowed us to highlight one artist and his realisation during one day and it was exactly what we wanted. Also one of the biggest challenge was to contact digital artist who can made beautifull experimentations in a limited time. We started to contact and invite participants the 30 november and the 1rst experimentation was here the 1rst december.


4.  PNC Bank: PNC Christmas Price Index Gift Hunt

Every year PNC calculates the Cost of Christmas by adding up the prices of the gifts in “The Twelve days of Christmas” carol – a playful financial report called the “Christmas Price Index”. The index is used in classrooms to teach students about basic economic concepts like inflation and supply and demand. To breathe new life into this 29-year-old tradition, we created a global gift hunt using the Google Street View API. The hunt takes you on an interactive adventure across 5 continents to track down each of the gifts and find out how much they’ll cost in 2012.


5.  Publicis Groupe: Publicis Groupe Digital Wishes 2013

When the greeting card brief comes in, everybody runs out, even the interns . But when it’s for your CEO, you can’t refuse. How to deliver a full and very formal speech and yet be entertaining? The challenge was actually interesting so we decided to take it and try to do something creative and hopefully remarkable.

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