Siri-Style Calendar Syncs All Aspects Of User’s Life With AI [Video]

Siri-Style Calendar Syncs All Aspects Of User’s Life With AI [Video]

Tempo is a smart calendar that makes sure you don't miss a beat.

Daniela Walker
  • 15 february 2013

Ever wish your iPhone calendar was just a little bit smarter, a little more integrated? Tempo, created by the same people at SRI who made Siri, is giving your calendar artificial intelligence so that your hectic schedule can become a little bit more manageable.

Released on Wednesday, the iOS app uses similar technology as Siri to cull information from various sources and bring it all into your calendar. If you have a meeting with Bob on Monday, the app will bring in all contacts for the meeting, driving directions to the location complete with driving time and suggested parking spaces. Moreover, say you need to review some emails between you and Bob before said meeting. Tempo will also bring in emails it deems relevant, so that they are all accessible from within calendar.


The key to the app is the fact that everything is contained within it. Normally, you could do all of the above with the regular calendar app, Maps, email and Safari but now, it is all organized for you in one place. By syncing various apps into Tempo, it streamlines and maximizes the potential of your schedule. Co-founder Raj Singh told Wired:

The calendar is such a simple app and has not been disrupted. We thought it was a great place to bring in context and AI. If you track click patterns on phones, people go in the calendar then go into one more app. We though, why not do it directly from the calendar itself, make it actionable?

Like Siri, the artificial intelligence may sometimes be a little off, but the more you use it, the more it learns. The only trouble now is accessing the app. There was enormous demand for Tempo when it launched two days ago, so that it will now be implementing a reservation-based system. Tempo announced today that it will be uploading a new version, that when downloaded places users in a queue to get the app. Singh wrote that the backlog is up to 100K users, so act quick and jump in line!

See Tempo in action below:


Header Image: Alex Washburn/Wired

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