Air New Zealand Films New Safety Video In The Outback

Air New Zealand Films New Safety Video In The Outback

Featuring outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls, NZ Air attempts to get people to pay attention during the flight.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 february 2013

Videos demonstrating the safety procedures on-board an airplane are usually a bit tedious to watch. Most travelers have flown before, and often ignore the important messages. Air New Zealand wants people, frequent fliers or not, to pay attention, so they have begun producing videos that inject a little bit of fun into safety. A previous video starred characters from the Hobbit, and now, Air NZ have released one featuring Bear Grylls going on an epic adventure in the New Zealand wilderness, using plane safety procedures in the wild.

Grylls, a British adventurer known for his show Man vs. Wild, demonstrates ‘the Bear essentials of safety’ in the first airline video to be shot outside of a plane. Procedures such as following the emergency lights to an exit, are shot in a cave where Bear uses glow worms to make his way out. It is a playful way to demonstrate vital information, presenting what may seem familiar, in a new way.

The video also includes a competition, The Great Kiwi Bucket List, for two to fly from anywhere in the world to New Zealand and participate in an adventure of their own. To enter, all that is needed is to count how many times you spot the now extinct Moa bird in the video, and enter the number on the competition website. It is another way to get people to look up from their books, unplug their mp3s and focus on safety.

Click below to watch Bear demonstrate safety on the Routeburn Track, a 32km track in New Zealand’s South Island:

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