American Express Card Members Can Now Purchase Products on Twitter

American Express Card Members Can Now Purchase Products on Twitter

Amex allows users to sync their credit cards to Twitter, giving them access to special offers which can be purchased through tweeting a hashtag.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 13 february 2013

American Express card members can now purchase select products via Twitter. This new service, which launched Monday, allows participants to sync their Amex card to Twitter, allowing them tweet specific product hashtags, originally tweeted by @AmericanExpress, to purchase desired merchandise.


Once participants tweet a specific product hashtag, @AmexSync will send them a @reply, which includes a confirmation code users have 15 minutes to tweet. If the user does so, Amex then processes the order and sends the product via free two-day shipping.

At the launch, card members who opted for the service were presented with the first offer, which was a $25 Amex gift card for $15. Starting tomorrow, five more products will be listed, including an Amazon Kindle Fire HD for $149, and an Xbox 360 with controller and game tokens for $179, to name a few.


Though the idea of using a social network like Twitter to purchase products makes some people uneasy, enrolling in the program is done entirely through American Express’s secure webpage. Once an Amex account is synced with twitter and a card member tweets a hashtag for select offers, billing, and processing is done directly through American Express, in order to protect card member’s information.

Leslie Berland, SVP of Digital Partnerships and American Express explains:

We’ve been doing a lot in the area of social commerce over the past two years. Twitter Offers launched last year, and the response has been pretty fantastic. We want to bring in the new technology that we have to life in a most dramatic way, which we think Twitter is ripe for.

View American Express’s Twitter Card Sync technology below:

Amex Sync 

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